13 most intelligent animals on the planet

13 most intelligent animals on the planet

The top 13 smartest animals in the world below will surprise you. People often liken "stupid as a pig" but it is not. Pigs are one of the smartest animals on the planet.

13. Parrots

13 most intelligent animals on the planet

Parrots are native to subtropical and tropical regions. You must have seen parrots imitate words and talk, and this clearly shows how intelligent they are. Parrots can easily learn almost anything humans teach or regularly say in front of them. Parrots love to eat seeds, buds, fruits and nuts, and they can solve a variety of complex problems.

12. Dogs

13 most intelligent animals on the planet

Dogs are man's best friend and super intelligent. They can learn many different actions and repeat on command. They can understand human emotions easily - when they are sad, happy and angry. Dogs are so intelligent that they can even act in certain ways to appease their owners when they are angry and coy.

11. Goat

13 most intelligent animals on the planet

Scientists have thought for a long time that goats are far more intelligent than they are modest. Finally, a team of researchers in Australia decided to put these animals to the test. For the test, they prepared a toolbox with fruit inside. To eat the fruit, the goats will have to use their teeth to pull the rope down, thereby activating a lever that the goats must use their mouths to lift. If you can do it, the goat will eat the fruit.

Nine out of 12 were successful after about four attempts. When the researchers repeated the experiment with all the goats 10 months later, most still remembered how.

10. Rats

13 most intelligent animals on the planet

In 10th place in the ranking is the rat, a very intelligent animal but in Western cultures it is considered "unclean".

In recent extensive research, lab rats have found shortcuts, loopholes, and exits from experimental zones designed by the brains of today's top scientists.

In Chinese culture, rats are especially revered for their ingenuity and resourcefulness. Rats are found on every continent on earth except Antarctica.

9. Octopus

13 most intelligent animals on the planet

This invertebrate is as famous as alcohol because it has the ability to twist bottle caps. Octopus is one of the most intelligent creatures living in the ocean. There is much that science has yet to discover about this animal, however, scientists are constantly making new discoveries about the impressive abilities of the octopus.

They have a remarkable ability to navigate and short-term memory to be able to "crack" the maze game. But why is an animal belonging to the same class of mollusks as snails so amazingly capable and intelligent? It may be that in addition to the gray matter inherent in mollusks, they also have a combination of strength, agility, and curiosity.

8. Pigeons

13 most intelligent animals on the planet

Most of the major cities of North America are full of pigeons, but many see them as "troublemakers". However, pigeons are very intelligent birds, so they have been the subject of countless scientific experiments.

For example, pigeons can recognize hundreds of images seen many years ago. They can also identify themselves in a mirror, having been taught to perform a series of activities to subtly distinguish between themselves and their image in the mirror.

7. Squirrel

13 most intelligent animals on the planet

The squirrel's stubbornness and impeccable memory make it an enemy of gardeners. Almost every squirrel has impressive tricks and strategies to help them survive.

First, this intelligent animal has adapted to life alongside humans, eating poultry food, flowers in the garden and whatever food is left around. They can also store food to eat gradually over many months.

The researchers say that they have the ability to skillfully and sophisticatedly conceal food as a "potential" thief.

6. Pigs

13 most intelligent animals on the planet

Although known as a gluttonous and "dirty" animal, the pig is in fact a very intelligent animal. Both wild boar and domestic pig have the ability to adapt to many different ecological conditions. At least they are as easy to train as cats and dogs.

Pigs are probably the smartest domestic animals in the world. Researchers have discovered that domestic pigs can use mirrors to search for food and trick other pigs into eating more food.

In the US, pigs are very popular pets and moreover they are also very malleable. Unlike most ungulates that only eat grass, pigs are omnivores. Their diet sometimes includes worms and small vertebrates.

5. Crows

13 most intelligent animals on the planet

People call the bird that crosses the street despite the traffic "walking jay". But jays and other members of the crow family understand better than humans the importance of waiting for traffic lights.

Urban crows often collect tree nuts and then place these nuts on the road for cars to break through the seed coat. They then patiently wait for the traffic light to change and return to the road for their delicious treat - a dramatic example of animal creativity.

Crows can also communicate with the locals, play games with them and even know how to "trick". Some scientists think that crows are more intelligent than primates. Researchers from Canada and Scotland have shown that crows use logical thinking to understand their surroundings better than many large primates.

4. Elephants

13 most intelligent animals on the planet

Not only have large ears, the ability to knock down huge blocks of wood, good memory, in fact, elephants are quite elegant and cultured animals. They can clean food and use tools in the wild in many ways. Elephants know how to use tools such as sticks to mark or palm leaves to swat flies.

They can also follow human commands in captivity. Elephants are very interested in family members and even other animals.

3. Orangutan

13 most intelligent animals on the planet

Great apes are said to be the most intelligent animals after humans. Of course, humans are biased on this matter, but the intellectual prowess of great apes is hard to deny.

Among them, orangutans are animals with superior brains. They have both a culture and a communication system. They are even capable of using tools in the wild.

Orangutans live in scattered herds and form strong social bonds. That could be the key to raising their awareness. In addition, female orangutans stay with their young for many years and teach them all the things they need to survive in the jungle.

2. Dolphins

13 most intelligent animals on the planet

Have you ever wondered why dolphins and whales are the star attraction in most aquariums? That's because they're smarter than most other creatures on the planet.

Dolphins are social animals. It has been observed that they can surf, race, spin, whistle... They have a complex "language", which humans are now beginning to decipher. Dolphins can use tools in the wild and can learn the sequence of behaviors required by humans.

Like many other intelligent animals, female dolphins stay with their young for years and teach them survival tricks.

1. Black chimpanzee

13 most intelligent animals on the planet

Topping the list of the most intelligent animals is a great apes: the chimpanzee. Their impressive intellectual abilities have long attracted human interest.

They have the ability to make and use tools, hunt in groups, and have the ability to solve some complex problems. They can also learn sign language to communicate with people, and based on that, they can remember people's names for years to come even without seeing them.

But perhaps chimpanzees' greatest ability is to use symbols for objects and combine symbols in order to convey a complex idea.