Germany underfoot – Explore Germany with me

Germany underfoot – Explore Germany with me

Germany is not just an ideal study abroad destination. This country also possesses a lot of beautiful scenes that are sure to be engraved in your mind for a long time. From high mountains, natural terraced terrain or tall buildings. It will take you some time to enjoy all the beautiful sights in Germany. Let's explore Germany with me

Follow in my footsteps today to discover what Germany has under our feet.

Germany underfoot – Explore Germany with me

The highest place in Germany (Zugspitze peak)

At 2,962 meters above sea level, the Zugspitze mountain peak in the Wetterstein range is the highest in Germany, making it a great viewing spot.

The cable car will take you above the town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Through the window, you can observe the panoramic view of the immense mountains or craggy cliffs. More specifically, visitors can also enjoy the beauty of more than 400 mountains from 4 neighboring countries.

To increase your challenge, you can try conquering the Alpspix (Alpspix viewing platform) - a steel walkway suspended between craggy cliffs. From this lofty height, you can enjoy panoramic views of amazing giant mountains and pristine valleys. I am sure that this is an exciting adventure high in the mountains in the middle of the sky.

Germany underfoot – Explore Germany with me

If you've been to Zugspitze, you definitely can't miss this Alpspix viewing platform challenge

Impressive slopes – Discover Germany

At just 400m high, Calmont located in the Moselle valley may not be as high a hill. But they are extremely steep.

The vineyards are the highlight here as they cover this 65-degree steep slope, making it the steepest vineyard in the world. There is a paved trail leading to the hillside. Whoever makes the effort to conquer this steep hill, you will surely receive the beauty of the natural landscape as a reward.

From the top, you can look down to see the beauty of the gentle flow of the Moselle River. This flow creates a perfect detour through the rocks here. Surrounding the shimmering water, on the headland, you can see the ruins of Stuben Monastery (Stuben Abbey), the sound in the air at that time like a Jazz concert.

Germany underfoot – Explore Germany with me

Klettersteig Calmont Vineyard is considered the steepest vineyard in the world

The place to be king – Discover Germany

The best views are for a king, a ledge called Königsstuhl (King's Chair) is one of the most spectacular viewpoints in Germany.

Located at the extreme northeast, on Germany's largest island: the island of Rügen in the Baltic Sea. Königsstuhl is the highest peak of Rügen's chalk cliffs and is located in Jasmund National Park. The coastal formation here with deep cracks and chalk-like cliffs jutting out of the sea.

Germany underfoot – Explore Germany with me

Rock named Königsstuhl (King's Chair) on the island of Rügen

A long time ago, the German painter Caspar David Friedrich was mesmerized by the beauty here. He painted this magnificent scene on canvas and created a world famous painting. Anyone who climbed the 118m to Königsstuhl today can expect a majestic view of the Baltic Sea and lush beech forests.

Germany underfoot – Explore Germany with me

Famous Chalk Painting On The Cliffs of Rügen by German artist Caspar David Friedrich

Conquer the gas meter – gas measuring device

AMEC warns you in advance, this adventure requires a high alertness. 420 steps will lead you uphill between steel struts to the top ring of the Berlin Gasometer.

Germany underfoot – Explore Germany with me

Walking on the steel bars looking at the city of Berlin below is also not a bad thing

This barometer was formerly located in the Schöneberg district, now an industrial monument. Tourists can sign up for a tour to better understand how it works. More specifically, enjoy the immense view of the city above the river Spree from an altitude of 80 meters. From this impressive height, the whole city seems to lie under your feet such as the Zoological Garden (Zoological Garden), the Reichstag (Reichstag Buildings), the Victory (Victory Column) – and especially the 360-degree view of Berlin!

Germany underfoot – Explore Germany with me

Knowledge Walk – Discover Germany

With a distance of about 2km, the walking path is above the venerable Heidelberg University. Provides picturesque panoramas that can even inspire learning.

Possessing a sunny location, it is part of the trio of the old town of Heidelberg creating a picture of harmony, the gently flowing Neckar river surrounded by the surrounding mountains and the Königsstuhl – the city's local mountain.

Many benches are placed along the way to invite you to linger to enjoy this amazing view. Thanks to its sunny location, cypress, gorse, lemon, and palm trees almost thrive on this route as well as in Tuscany. The name of the walking trail is thought to be an allusion to its popularity among Heidelberg students. Students often spend their holidays on romantic walks and away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Germany underfoot – Explore Germany with me

The walking path above the picturesque University of Heidelberg

Magnificent view from above

On the Bastei Bridge in Saxon Switzerland, you can expect a scene that makes you say “wow” and will never forget. The strange rock formations near the Czech border will transport you to a fairy tale world.

From the viewpoint at Bastei, a magical landscape unfolds before your eyes. What's special on these cliffs is that you can enjoy panoramic views of the vast expanse of the Elbe valley and the deep cracked cliffs of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. The best view on this 77-meter-long Bastei bridge with its 7 impressive stone arches is called “Ferdinandstein” – an unforgettable panorama.

Germany underfoot – Explore Germany with me

Magnificent view on the Bastei cầu Bridge

Music building

The Elbphilharmonie is more than just an impressive building. It also gives you a panoramic view of the city of Hamburg. Dubbed "the pearl in the North".

This monumental concert hall was built in 2016 in the HafenCity district. There is an attractive terrace where guests can enjoy panoramic views of Hamburg. From the bustling activity of the harbor to the traditional landing stages and church towers stand out in the city, including “Michel”. The 80 meter escalator will take you to the upper floor of “Elphi”.

If you're lucky, you can get a ticket to enjoy the concert here. In particular, you will enjoy the view from above through these convex windows.

Germany underfoot – Explore Germany with me

The Elbphilharmonie Theater in Hamburg is like "a jewel in the North".

Greetings from Hercules

Europe's largest hillside park is located in the city of Kassel. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2013. This natural plateau, named   Wilhelmshöhe, is sure to give you a fascinating setting.

The most favorable location is next to the bronze statue of the Greek god Hercules. The statue faces the city. From a height of 530 meters, you can enjoy the view of the hillside park with dense trees, Wilhelmshöhe palace and Löwenburg Castle in the distance. The sky is clear, you can see the beautiful Harz and Rhön mountains on the horizon.

Germany underfoot – Explore Germany with me

Monument to Hercules (Kassel) was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site (2013).

Not just an ideal study abroad destination. Germany is also blessed with many beautiful landscapes. Especially the views from above. So come to Germany today to capture all those beautiful scenes for yourself.