Cats are one of the pets that are loved by many people thanks to their lovely appearance. All cats, whether wild cats or domestic cats, have their own interesting things along with many mysteries about their own lives and behaviors. Surrounding them are also filled with mysteries that scientists have no reasonable explanation so far. Today I will discover for you the Top 10 mysterious things about cats that you may not know.

Today I will discover for you the Top 10 mysterious things about cats that you may not know.

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1. Why do cats eat their own children?


According to the scientists' explanation, the phenomenon of cannibalism can occur when the mother cat is stressed and afraid or because the kittens are stillborn, unhealthy.

This condition mainly occurs when the kittens have not grown enough hair, and when they have enough hair, the mother cat will bite the kittens to death, not eat the meat.

There are many theories to explain the cannibalism of cats.

Because kittens have a strange smell.

It is often said that when a new cat is beautiful, you should not hold a kitten without hair, because the breath of your hand makes the mother cat unable to distinguish between your scent and the smell of kittens from there. It is like a kitten not born of it, so it will eat its own baby.

When a young kitten dies or emits a fishy smell.

At birth, if the kittens die because they are too weak or due to illness, the mother cat will eat her kittens to avoid other predators, or simply if the dead body is not handled, then ants and maggots will appear. in their nest.

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2. Why do cats' eyes glow at night?

A lot of animals, especially nocturnal animals, often have a reflective surface directly behind the retina,” said Dr. Cynthia Powell, ophthalmologist at Colorado State University. . This reflective layer, also known as Tapetum lucidum, helps animals see better in the dark.


Research shows that cats' eyes see better at night than humans, and worst during the day. Cats, like dogs, have membranes to reflect light back to the retina.

At that time, the cat's ability to see is increased when in the dark, creating a sharp visual grid. But during the day or in a place with a lot of light, the cat's iris closes narrowly, reducing the amount of light entering, avoiding glare and improving visibility.

The diaphragm and some other parts help cats have a better detection than humans. The color variation of the cat's eye in photographs closely resembles the interaction between light and the membrane.

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3. Mysterious behavior to retrieve prey for the owner of cats.

For cat owners, you must have seen the image of your pet cat entering the house while holding a foreign object such as the head, or the internal organs of the prey, which is normal. It could be a part of a small bird or an ill-fated mouse.

However, remember, the gifts that cats bring to you show that they see you as their family.


According to experts, since ancient times, mother cats often teach kittens about showing affection and how to bring food – dead or injured prey to the nest is one of the acts of love.

This is also a survival lesson that the mother wants to pass on to the kittens. So if you see the head of a frog or a mouse on the nightstand, don't panic.

And of course cat placenta is one of the things people want cats to give the most. In human legend, any owner who receives a cat gift will become rich and lucky. There are many people who have found a way to preserve the cat placenta thoroughly.


4. The Cat's Reproduction Mysteries.

On average, in 4 months each cat can give birth to 4-6 kittens.

However, cats have a rather complicated relationship, they can give birth to many different types.

For example, giving birth to snakes.


According to legend, the lynx is a type of "ghost cat", born from the random and rare marriage of a black cat with a cobra.

In addition, the most terrifying thing about the breeding of cats is the inbreeding relationship. Examples are mating in their accents, or between parents and children and vice versa, sometimes between siblings. Thereby creating cats with deformities from birth


5. The Phenomenon of Humans Resurrection After Cats Jump Over the Body.

The phenomenon of corpses bouncing up after being jumped by a black cat is also known as "Devil's entry". This concept is not only present in Vietnam but also in other countries such as the UK or Greece.


The case of "lynx raising the dead", can be explained by the interaction between the biological field of humans and animals. Cats belonging to the tiger breed have great psychic energy, but not all cats are the same, cats carry a positive (+) (positive) charge.

When a person dies, they will have a negative (-) charge (cathode). So, when a cat jumps over a dead person, it will create a very strong electric current, which will turn the dead person up and can make the dead person live for a while longer from a few minutes and possibly up to 1 day.

But this is currently just a hypothesis, there is no science to prove this phenomenon

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6. Cats eat corpses.

Have you ever thought that cats sometimes gnaw on human corpses? It looks like it's only seen in horror movies, but this is a real story.

At a Colorado decomposing facility, for example, security cameras captured feral cats climbing onto dead bodies to eat them. Continuously for several days, they come and enjoy a very scary party under the witness of security staff.

The above case shows that feral cats will target damaged skin areas. They only focus on corpses in the early stages of decomposition – perhaps because of an instinctive preference for fresh flesh.

In other words, cats will only eat fresh bodies.

For cat lovers, most cat behaviors are cute, but eating dead people is something that makes it difficult to accept.

But experts say this is a real phenomenon, but often happens with feral cats or cats that have been starved for a long time. However, scientists believe that the study of this behavior has an important role in the development of forensic science.

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7 Where do cats go at night.

In 2016 the Australian organization recently carried out a cat tracking project After attaching a GPS locator to a pet cat, the new owners were "excited" when they realized that their pets were not only running around the house for a while. night as they thought.

Most cat owners know that they have a habit of going out at night and it is difficult to avoid this situation.


Because this is their wild hunting instinct. However, leaving your cat out at night also has many potential dangers for them if they accidentally fall into the trap of bad guys.

According to scientists , the species always want to dominate their territory , patrolling every night around their area is normal .

They will do whatever it takes to protect their territory where they think their home is loved by their owners and never has to go hungry. Of course, depending on the type of cat, the area of ​​their territory will have different levels.

Understand that the cat's "dusting" is just to protect the territory. And they will return from such wanderings.

However, you can also encourage your cat to "go on patrol" during the day and stay docile indoors at night. This will reduce the danger to cats about worries around them at night.

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8. The ability of cats to resemble humans.

Cats have dreams when they sleep just like humans.

Every minute, a cat's heart beats about 140 times, almost 2 times the human heart rate!

Cats love to "communicate" and chat from time to time you can see 2 cats talking, sometimes with humans, so they can answer and talk to us through actions, expressions and sounds. sounding .

The "meow" is a sound reserved for humans, they never meow in front of another cat.

The more you talk to your cat, the more it reacts and "cries".


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9. The Mystery of the Cat's Death.

Cat's lifespan is usually 2-16 Years. But the more the cats breed, the shorter their lifespan.

So for pet cats that are kept in the family, if their owners want them to live long, often. Often neuter or tail clipping cats, to increase their lifespan.

As for the grass cat, when raised freely in the family, when they die, they will mysteriously disappear. It is the biggest mystery on the planet that has not been solved yet.

There are many theories from the mysterious to the horror surrounding the death of cats. I advise you not to search because it makes you unable to slide.

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10. When did cats appear? And when was it domesticated?

Today, the oldest remains of the digging cat are found in the Pleistocene period (that is, the same time as prehistoric humans, nearly a million years ago).

The earliest traces of cats' close contact with humans show that they were domesticated, the only remaining remains are the ancient tomb of an Egyptian king named Onel in Thebes.

It is thought that cats were first domesticated in Egypt, about 4,000 years ago. Moreover, the ancient Egyptians loved cats very much. They worshiped the goddess Bastet (or Pasht) whose head was a cat's head.

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