Waking up to the beauty of Asian autumn destinations

Waking up to the beauty of Asian autumn destinations

If you are a lover of the romantic beauty of autumn, plan to immediately explore the Asian autumn destinations introduced in the following article.

Beautiful and romantic Asian autumn destinations not to be missed

1. Ancient capital Kyoto, Japan

Japan's ancient capital Kyoto is one of the most beautiful autumn destinations in Asia, attracting many tourists to visit and relax. Kyoto used to be the capital of Japan with a history of more than 1000 years, it is the place to keep a lot of historical, religious works, temples, old town, ... bringing a contemplative and poetic beauty every autumn.

Waking up to the beauty of Asian autumn destinations

Romantic autumn leaves in the ancient capital of Kyoto, Japan. Photo: @makorinoino

When autumn comes, Kyoto seems to put on a new shirt with sweet and brilliant red, orange, and yellow colors. The bright colors of the forests and the clear green of the rivers create a beautiful picture. You can visit Arashiyama valley to fully feel the beauty of autumn Kyoto.

Waking up to the beauty of Asian autumn destinations

Visiting Kyoto in the fall, visitors can experience many wonderful romantic activities. Photo: @fkie_theo

Exploring the ancient capital of Kyoto in the fall, you can also visit many famous works such as Kinkakuji Golden Temple, Kiyomizu Temple, ... with a landscape that blends between nature and heaven and the ancient architecture of temple buildings. In addition, do not miss the Gyoen Kyoto Imperial Palace Park, which is the ideal place to watch a dreamy autumn.

2. Jiuzhaigou, China

Referring to autumn Chinese tourism, visitors will immediately think of Jiuzhaigou paradise. This is one of the most beautiful autumn viewing coordinates in Asia, possessing the magnificent beauty of pristine forests that change the color of red and yellow leaves, and beautiful jade-colored lakes that can't be taken off.

Waking up to the beauty of Asian autumn destinations

In any season of the year, Jiuzhaigou is beautiful and captivating. Photo: @no_charming_man

Jiuzhaigou National Park in Sichuan welcomes many visitors in the fall. Because this is the time when the mountains, rivers and forests of this region are more beautiful than ever. The forest canopy changed to red leaves, brilliant yellow leaves, silhouetted all over the beautiful and enchanting lakes. Visitors to Jiuzhaigou feel like they are lost in a fairy-tale world.

Waking up to the beauty of Asian autumn destinations

The beauty of Jiuzhaigou when autumn visits. Photo: @qinyusheng

Jiuzhaigou has many beautiful destinations for you to check in, typically such as Ngu Sac Lake, Panda Lake, Thu Chinh Waterfall, Truong Hai Lake, Mirror Lake, etc. All of these are coordinates with beautiful natural landscapes such as: carefully painted. When autumn comes, this land has begun to be beautiful, but October is when Jiuzhaigou is the most beautiful. Therefore, you should plan a suitable schedule to explore.

3. Wuling Farm, Taiwan

Wuling Farm is also a destination in Asia that attracts many visitors in the fall. This is a farm located in the Alpine valley of Taichung city. It is surrounded by many beautiful mountains, possessing a cool temperate climate all year round. In the fall, Wuling Farm seems to put on a surprisingly beautiful new shirt.

Waking up to the beauty of Asian autumn destinations

The beauty of Wuling Farm in the fall is poetic. Photo: @wuchunyi

Every autumn, the trees at Wuling Farm begin to change leaves. Mountains and hills turn from green to beautiful and poetic red. Visitors coming here can walk on the trails full of yellow leaves, breathe in the clear air and delight in taking virtual photos. At Wuling Farm, there are many other activities such as camping, climbing, ... for visitors who love to explore.

Waking up to the beauty of Asian autumn destinations

Golden maple leaves cover the valley at Wuling Farm. Photo: @newntulc

According to the experience of many tourists, you should rent a self-drive car to go deep into the mountain roads to fully feel the beauty of this place in autumn, as well as take the initiative in the tour schedule. In addition, on the way from Wuling to Taichung, you can visit Lishan area - where primitive tribes live with unique cultural features.

4. Chiang Mai, Thailand

The "Northern Rose" of Thai Lai - Chiang Mai is also an Asian autumn destination that is loved by many tourists. This place owns high mountainous terrain and cool climate like Da Lat of Vietnam, suitable for exploring in summer and autumn. Coming here on the occasion of autumn from October to November, visitors can admire a poetic picture of the natural scenery throughout the suburbs of the city.

Waking up to the beauty of Asian autumn destinations

The beauty of Chiang Mai makes visitors fall in love. Photo: @poppanupongs

Coming to Chiang Mai in the fall, you can go to Huay Thung Thao to see the poetic hills, check in with the sheep. You can go up to Doi Mon Jong hill to watch the sunrise, to Lan Sangkeet for a walk, bike ride or picnic. In addition, you remember to spend time exploring famous farms such as Mori, Jirapanit, …

Waking up to the beauty of Asian autumn destinations

In Chiang Mai, visitors have many unforgettable experiences. Photo: @milkpanitnun

One of the best experiences when exploring Chiang Mai in the fall is to explore the Grand Canyon National Park. This is a place with a harmonious combination of rivers and mountains creating a charming landscape for Chiang Mai. Coming here, visitors can experience watching the sunrise, bathing, swimming in the beautiful blue lake.

5. Northwest, Vietnam

Northwest Vietnam is a romantic destination in Asia that fascinates many tourists around the world. Each degree is collected from September to October, the Northwest becomes an attractive land with the golden ripe rice season covering the provinces of Lao Cai, Yen Bai, Ha Giang, ... Northwest tourism in autumn is an opportunity to travel. Guests feel more fully the beauty of the northern mountainous region of Vietnam.

Waking up to the beauty of Asian autumn destinations

The Northwest golden season captivates people's hearts. Photo: @harvgreenberg

When the sultry summer passes, it is also the time when autumn comes to visit, bringing the ripe golden rice season in the fields. Visitors from all over the world flock to Hoang Su Phi, Mu Cang Chai, Sapa, etc. to enjoy the beauty of the golden ripe terraced fields, embraced by clouds and surrounded by deep green forests.

Waking up to the beauty of Asian autumn destinations

Picturesque terraced fields in the Northwest every autumn. Photo: @untourdanslesac

Going to the Northwest in the autumn, you also have the opportunity to participate in the Mu Cang Chai festival, experience paragliding to see the golden season from above. In addition, breathing in the fresh air, being in the life of the highlanders or getting up early to hunt for clouds are also great experiences not to be missed. If you are a fall lover, plan your trip to the Northwest right now.

Waking up to the beauty of Asian autumn destinations

Northwest Vietnam is an attractive destination on the Asian tourist map. Photo: @dainy.nhan777

Above are the beautiful Asian autumn destinations that visitors should once explore. Those are destinations with beauty filled with sweetness and romance that captivate people. Each land has its own mark but promises to bring countless unforgettable travel experiences for travelers.